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Our testimonials

« 5Feedback reflects this new way of understanding the world and this new way of being in the workplace, everyone can improve, everyone can grow, let's give everyone a chance and I think it's totally in line with our company's culture entreprise. »

Manager of managers - Corporate real estate

« The app allows us to give plenty of feedback, because today, we don't really give much feedback, or not enough or not in the right way. Now we know that we' re doing it in the most effective and appropriate way! » 

Project Manager - Industry

Check out our tips to improve your soft skills

4 conseils pour mieux gérer son stress
Personal development

4 Tips for better managing your stress

According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, stress at work results from the imbalance between a person’s perception of the constraints imposed on them by their environment and their perception of their own resources for coping with these.

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L'homme contre la machine
Digital agility

IE vs. AI or man vs. machine

IE versus AI or man versus machine In a constantly evolving professional world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) clearly represents a technological advance

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Ce que révèlent nos données 2022 - COSS by 5Feedback

What our 2022 data reveals

In 2021, among the 24 soft skills available in the 5Feedback COSS Pro framework, employees had mainly sent their feedback requests on 4 of them: oral communication, team spirit, interpersonal skills and listening skills.

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Conseils simple pour développer l'esprit d'équipe

5 Simple tips for developing team spirit

5 Conseils simple pour développer l’esprit d’équipe L’esprit d’équipe traduit la capacité d’une personne à participer à l’atteinte d’un objectif partagé, à collaborer avec les

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