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Conseils simple pour développer l'esprit d'équipe

5 Simple tips for developing team spirit

Team spirit reflects a person’s ability to participate in a shared objective, to collaborate with others, and to focus on group success rather than individual success. It is fundamental in business. It not only promotes each person’s well-being, but also explains the famous “X factor” that economists refer to: the enigmatic reason why a company always ends up being more efficient than just the sum of its individual consultants.

Work towards a shared objective

Just like a sports team, a team must pursue a shared objective in business. Beyond individual objectives, sharing team objectives promotes group cohesion, clarifies individual responsibilities, and facilitates information sharing.

Clarifying each person’s responsibilities

A precise and fair distribution of responsibilities is essential if a team is to work well. They may evolve over time, but it is essential that responsibilities are clearly understood and shared by all team members. Offer help to your overworked colleagues if your schedule allows you to, and be ready to ask for help if needed.

Share information

Working effectively calls for good transmission of information. Projects are constantly evolving and it is essential to communicate continuously on the work you have in progress. One always naturally tends to overestimate the level of information your colleagues have and it is essential to continually ask the question “Might this information be useful to someone on the team?” And anticipate the needs of your colleagues: “What information do you need?” »

Asking for and giving feedback within your team

The aim of exchanging feedback within a team is threefold: passing on information to colleagues, motivating them and helping them develop to achieve shared objectives. To motivate your colleagues, simply take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate the small or big victories of everyday life: “great, good work, …, thanks!” To help your colleagues move forward and pass on information that’s essential to the team’s success, use constructive feedback. Choose a good time, at the end of the day or week for example. Focus on objective facts and be caring. Asking or giving feedback without value judgement allows your colleagues and yourself to progress and build trust within the team.

Sharing in team meetings

It is important to meet with the members of your team on a regular basis and take stock of the progress of ongoing projects. This is a way of sharing the information needed to achieve shared objectives and a special time to share the successes and challenges everyone is facing. In order to strengthen team spirit, be ready to ask your colleagues to bring you the ideas they have for the projects you are in charge of.

To conclude, the cohesion of a team depends on the involvement and commitment of each of its members. By passing on information quickly and smoothly, communicating your motivation to others, and focusing on shared objectives while recognising individual successes, you will allow the entire team to move at the same pace and therefore be more effective. “Alone we go faster, together we go further”.

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