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the COSS solution

Measuring and certifying soft skills

1st application to measure and certify soft skills through feedback from one's professional environment
Stand out by certifying
your soft skills on your CV

Students receive feedback from professionals they worked with during their internships or apprenticeships
to identify their talents and certify their level on their CV
Reinforce the performance of your teams

Through feedback from their professional environment, the employees identify
their strengths and areas for improvement to better understand themselves, develop and progress in their careers

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French, English, Spanish
German and Arabic


French, English, Spanish
German and Arabic

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Soft Skills COSS

COSS by 5Feedback, enables you to measure and certify your soft skills in a reliable and accurate way.

Derived from research on soft skills and feedback, 5Feedback's two applications enable you to ask your professional network for feedback to better know yourself, develop yourself and showcase your talents. The COSS app designed for students and the COSS Pro app for professionals reliably assesses soft skills through feedback from persons who see you apply these skills on a daily basis.

A solution designed by experts from:

Who are you?

Discover our solution


Certify your soft skills on your resume to stand out and find the perfect job

Universities & Schools

Strengthen the employability of your students by allowing them
to certify their soft skills


Measure, develop and certify your soft skills to boost your career

Companies & HR Managers

Get reliable data on soft skills in your company and develop a feedback culture

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Soft Skills COSS

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