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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: a unique framework for testing and accurately measuring skills!

Today, diversity, equity and inclusion are key values for employees and companies. The 5Feedback team is very pleased to announce the launch of the first diversity and inclusion (D&I) framework to measure skills through feedback from one's professional network.

A framework for measuring extra-financial performance for large companies.

This new framework is the result of the work of a scientific committee chaired by Lionel Paolella, Associate Professor at Judge Business School of University of Cambridge and Affiliate Professor at Harvard Law School, and is comprised of Diversity and Inclusion Directors of major groups committed to this extra-financial performance issue: Stéphanie Rey - Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Training Groupe Crédit Agricole, Hélène Tagliabue – VP HR Europe & Chief Diversity Officer - Legrand, Géraldine Vial -Director of Talents, Culture and HR Innovation- KPMG in France and Victor Genin Gerbet – VP Sustainable Performance – ACCOR

This framework currently includes 8 skills related to: disability, gender equality, LGBT+ diversity, intergenerational diversity, but also neurodiversity, diversity related to ethnic or social backgrounds and finally inclusive management.

This taxonomy of observable D&I skills and behaviors is designed to help corporate employees become aware of their bias and measure their behaviors in terms of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

"Today, companies mainly use self-assessment tools or surveys to measure the openness and skills of employees with regard to Diversity and Inclusion, but this approach shows its limits because it has many cognitive biases and it poorly integrates the situational dimension of skills," says Vincent Meyer, Scientific Director of 5Feedback, a company that measures skills through feedback. Moreover, "our approach allows users to interview their professional network in a safe environment - from a psychological standpoint- as they are the only ones who have access to their results. Companies only have access to consolidated results.”

This approach also allows decision-makers to better monitor their actions over time through a proprietary algorithm. It allows them to engage their employees in taking action and make continuous improvements towards more inclusive and diverse work environments.

"This Diversity and Inclusion Competency Framework represents a major step in measuring diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We believe it will help companies create more inclusive work environments and improve their overall performance. We look forward to working with our current and future partners in order to help them implement this framework and to help them move forward with their diversity and inclusion projects,"said Bertrand Ponchon, president of 5Feedback.

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5Feedback is an HR startup created in 2017. Its apps for professionals or students allow them to measure soft skills, in a reliable and accurate way, through feedback from their professional network. With more than 80,000 users in 25 countries, 5Feedback aims to become the TOEIC of soft skills to foster employability and professional mobility.

Learn more about our approach by checking out our video here.

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