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the COSS solution

Measure and certify your soft skills

COSS enables students to highlight their soft skills on their resumes

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About the COSS App

COSS-Certificate of soft Skills
COSS-Certificate of soft Skills

The COSS app has been developed by 5Feedback, a leader in feedback applications, in partnership with ESSEC Business School and highly recognized training and recruitment professionals.

Thanks to the COSS - Certificate of Soft Skills- app, students will finally be able to objectively certify their soft skills on their resumes. This will also help them to know themselves better and to be more prepared for their interviews.

With just a few clicks, you can ask your network (tutors, professionals, students, faculty, school referents) for feedback and assess your level on 32 soft skills.

The App will enable you to post your score and badges on your resume, as well as a link that will help recruiters check the requirements used for obtaining your level.

How does it work?

• COSS by 5Feedback is available on the App Store and Google Play

• The app enables to measure the level of students on 32 behavioral skills by asking feedback from their tutors, professionals, students, school referent.

• In less than a minute, the respondents answer the feedback requests.

• Once the answers are validated by our algorithm, students can publish their results on their resumes to find their perfect career match.


Certify your soft skills on your resume to stand out and find the perfect job

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Strengthen the employability of your students by
enabling them to certify their soft skills in addition to their degree
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