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COSS Pro is the 1st application for assessing soft skills for professionals

COSS PRO by 5Feedback
COSS Pro by 5Feedback is an app that enables employees to measure and certify their soft skills, by requesting feedback from their professional network.

A research-based approach :

For each of the skills, the respondent assesses the frequency of implementation of 4 observable behaviors in order to provide a reliable and accurate response. 

For these questions, 5Feedback relies on a community of professional and academic experts (HEC, LBS, Cambridge…)

How does it work?

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• The COSS Pro app allows you to measure your level on more than 50 soft skills by asking feedback from your professional network.
• In less than a minute, the respondents answer the feedback requests.
• The user has access to his results, his strengths and his areas of improvement, as well as his individual development plan and trainings.
• Once the answers and the panel of respondents have been validated by our algorithm, the user has access to his results, identifies his strengths and his points of progress, and is provided with his individual development plan. He can also edit badges that certify his level.

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Measure, develop and certify your soft skills
to boost your career

HR managers

Strengthen the mobility of your employees and
develop a strong feedback culture. 

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