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Soft skills, are students
in line with recruiters' expectations?

In 2022, many schools and universities decided to provide the COSS solution to their students, allowing them to request feedback to better know themselves, develop their talents - and through the COSS badges, boost their employability.

With more than 20,000 feedbacks exchanged through the COSS app, here is the list of soft skills on which higher education students requested the most feedbacks in 2022 (the COSS framework includes more than 20 soft skills). Soft skills are recognized as the behavioral skills that refer to our human skills and our way of being. They are crucial to our professional success and are increasingly valued by recruiters.

Soft Skills

Skills in line with those most valued by professionals

The two skills on which students requested the most feedback (27% of requests) are also the top two skills on which professionals requested the most feedback in 2022 using the COSS Pro app.

Because of the pandemic and the importance of remote work, students have realized that communication and remote collaboration are crucial, as both involve mastering oral communication, especially during web-based meetings. Both students and professionals feel the need to maintain social connections, cohesion and that sense of belonging to a team.

Skills that show the importance of mastering the essentials

Due to future changes in terms of jobs and work methods, it will be essential for students to be able to continuously learn and adapt while knowing how to communicate with others.

Mastering a number of soft skills will help you to stand out from other applicants and also help you to adapt to new ways of working which will be the norm in the future. 

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