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Développez votre sens relationnel

Develop your interpersonal skills

Your technical expertise is not the only condition for being successful in business. Your ability to build trusted relationships with colleagues and your manager is an essential part of your performance

As it is not enough simply to go to lunch regularly with your inner professional circle to create relationships of trust, here are 4 simple tips for developing your interpersonal skills at work.

       1 – Pay attention to others and create a climate of trust

Just like any other individual, your co-worker needs to feel valued. The more you are genuinely attentive to each other, the better your relationship will be. Be curious, ask them questions. And so that your co-worker feels safe and able to interact freely with you, create a climate of trust by avoiding judgements.

      2 – Show gratitude

Gratitude is expressed mainly through simple gestures. If one of your colleagues is successful, congratulate them; if another has helped you on a file, thank them. Whether by email or in person during a meeting, these signs of gratitude will make your co-worker feel important and enhance the quality of your relationships.

      3 – Avoid or defuse conflicts

Differences of opinion may arise at work with a colleague or their manager. Communication is the key to avoiding conflict. Get to the root of the problem by opening a discussion.

To defuse an open conflict, don’t try to be right or win the discussion. Try to end the discussion quickly by showing yourself constructive and conciliatory.

      4 – Maintain long-term relationships

A long-lasting relationship is built over time. To build a long-term relationship, communicate your thoughts regularly, spontaneously share information or articles, connect your networks to facilitate mutual assistance …

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