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The 5Feedback app has a new name!

Over the past four years, we have been helping companies to develop a strong feedback culture, by enabling everyone to receive feedback from their professional network in order to improve.

With more than 200,000 feedback collected on our platform, employees of large French and European companies continue to exchange feedback from all over the world, enabling them to better know themselves and to compare their own perception with the one of their professional network. This helps them identify their strengths and their areas for improvement, and to grow on a daily basis thanks to our suggested development plan and our training resources.

We created 5Feedback with two strong ambitions:

  1. To break the cultural and cognitive biases that prevent feedback cultures from developing. This was achieved by conducting a year-long research in this field.
  2. To focus feedback on soft skills. Indeed, with the digitalisation of work, the behavioral skills are becoming more important in ensuring employees’ success on a daily basis.

By enabling users to identify their strengths, areas of improvement and behaviors which allow them to be more successful today and tomorrow, we have progressively developed a reliable and accurate tool to measure soft skills.

In 2021, following this success, we created, in collaboration with ESSEC and OPCO Atlas, COSS-Certificate of Soft Skills. It enables students to measure their level in more than 35 soft skills and to certify this level on their resume, in order to develop their employability and highlight their talents.

One year after its launch, the  » TOEIC of Soft Skills » has yielded great successes and our corporate clients have asked us to provide them with the same additional feature for measuring and certifying their users’ soft skills, therefore complementing the feedback exchange functionality. 

This is why the 5Feedback app becomes COSS Pro!

The application will allow professionals to certify their level of soft skills based on the answers they get to their feedback requests. The quality of the data obtained is guaranteed by our algorithm, which validates the quality of your panel of respondents (and yes, a feedback from your grandma will not be considered as reliable…). 

Once your results are validated by our algorithm, you can publish your score badges on LinkedIn profile, your resume or in your HR tools.

By highlighting one or more of the 42 soft skills, you will strengthen your employability, improve your mobility, and steer your career to a job that matches your talent level.

We are COSS PRO: 

Today is a special day in the evolution of our brand. We are thrilled to announce the new name of our app: COSS PRO:

Brand evolution
  • What has changed? 

Nothing changed. You can still request and receive feedback from your professional network. However, we bring you the opportunity to highlight your talents.

The Launch of our new website: 

We are also excited to announce the launch of our new website. Our goal is to offer an easier way to discover our two feedback apps: COSS and COSS PRO. 

The new website features a modern design, smooth navigation, improved functionality and an easy access to information. Our current and potential customers will find information about our services as well as references on the homepage.

We will constantly update our content with useful data, articles, blogs, news and customer testimonials.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please send us an email at contact@5Feedback.com And, if you want to stay up to date regarding our news or want to receive our tips, don’t hesitate to follow us on our social media channels. To learn more, please visit our website at: www.globalcoss.com 

As we enter this new phase as COSS Pro, we are more committed than ever to the development of each individual. We want to continue to offer you the best quality of service in the upcoming years. 

Many thanks to everyone who has helped us make it all happen. 

The 5Feedback team

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